Woke up this morning with right eye feeling hot and slightly itchy. Breakfasted, showered and readied for a shift at Apple Regent Street. Seemed to lose track of time and found myself running late despite starting morning with copious time. 

Made my train but it was mobbed as Overground not operating. A posh Dublin woman was talking way too loud on her phone. My noise cancelling earbuds not quite up to the task of drowning out her trivial mutterings. Fury was rising.

Arrived at work early to see long faces on my colleagues. This was unusual. Got ready downstairs in our break area and punched in. The air was putrid. Major sewage works taking place next door. The entire complex was affected. No escape. 

Took a seat for the morning briefing. Not the usual stuff rather it was two senior staff members talking about focus versus diversifying. No idea what they were on about. Left the briefing non the wiser and annoyed that I wouldn't be getting those 15 minutes back. 

Entered the "Product Zone" and mentally prepared myself for 8 hours of retail intensity in the busiest Apple Store on the planet. Brief natterings with a few colleagues. Always good craic. Great people. The best co-workers anywhere. 

But that smell was making my eyes tingle and my lungs wheeze. After about 1/2 an hour I was feeling a little shaky and it wasn't from too much coffee. That kinda shaky I can handle. 

I left the shop floor and sought out a People Team manager. Told her I was not prepared to work in such conditions. She saw my red eyes and immediately removed me from the schedule. 

The air outside was glorious. I filled my lungs. Couldn't quite bring myself to get on a tube train right away as was too annoyed for the crowds. I walked instead to Covent Garden to get some printer paper at London Graphics Store as I have books to make for customers. You know who you are. Thank you. 

I was accosted by several marketers on the way. And some beggars. Too pushy. 

Then I hopped on a 176 bus home thinking I'd try to make some pictures along the way. But my brain was not on task. 

Half way home the bus broke down. One of those stupid Boris things. Their hybrid systems never work. They're just polluting behemoths.

I wasn't going to wait for the next one. Needed to be by myself. Walked rest of way home missing first half of Ireland vs Wales 6 Nations as my phone battery was near exhausted. Wasn't in the mood anyway. 

Really not feeling it at the moment. This is the first time I've felt overwhelmed by London. It's an uncomfortable feeling. 

I shall endeavour to wade through the morosity and tomorrow I'll give it another lash. 

I'm a photographer and so here's a picture. Reflections while at my desk making books yesterday.

reflections from my desk at dusk.



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