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Figured I should show you some of the work I do as my day job which supports the self-publishing and print sales aspects of my practice. 

modern kitchen leading to garden

I cover a large section of South London mostly and make photographs and videos of residential and sometimes commercial properties as well as prepare technical floor plan drawings. 

Modern kitchen in an open plan living area

I tend to do the work handheld but will use a tripod when light levels are very low. I also use off camera flash to balance with the ambient lighting. 

I love doing this work because I'm good at it and I can work alone. I also get to make interesting pictures moving between these assignments in parts of London I likely wouldn't otherwise visit. 

open plan living area in converted stables

This type of photography work appeals to me too on a technical level. And the artist in me learns much about how people like to decorate their homes and places of work which informs me on aspects of my personal work that might appeal. Print sales is a new pursuit for me and I'm most keen to grow this aspect of my practice. 

sun blasting through windows into a suburban living room

Not necessarily a great picture above but I like how the sun is blasting into this suburban living room.

snazzy shower room in converted stable

Over the next year I will endeavour to grow this aspect of my assignment work as I establish a solid reputation. This is still a relatively new type of work for me. I hope soon to add 360 degree and aerial imaging along with video. 

And finally an image from a commercial property assignment with some people in.

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- Paul.

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