Rethinking Print Sales

There's much advice available for photographers pertaining to print sales online. It's all about time limited print drops. And I'll be utilising this approach. But I will also have a permanent collection for perusing. In fact, I have a handful available now

What I am planning to do over the coming days is to group collections together based on themes. That way I can try to appeal to designers who procure art for specific projects. Art sales are not always about buying that one special piece for a particular place in one's private space. It's often about adding several linked pieces, either by subject matter, colour, mood etc.

So by the end of January I will have collections in place for consideration. 

Thanks for your time. 

- Paul. 

creatures of the night in Sydenham, south east LondonCreatures of the night in south east London. © Paul Treacy 2024.



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