Short trip to Ireland


Last week I was in Ireland to see my brother but also managed to spend some time with my sisters and parents as well. Though emotionally loaded for reasons I will not go into, it was also entirely wonderful. 

I managed to make some work too for Passerby number 9. While out and about in County Wexford I happened upon an abandoned house by the coast and ventured inside. 

What a mess. There were birds flapping about upstairs so I went up to see, first checking the structural integrity of the stairs. Mind you, there was so much fluff on the floor that should I have fallen the landing would have been reasonably cushioned. 

I thought about opening a window and letting the birds out but then thought that too many birds might then get in. But the birds seemed fine so I didn't interfere. They likely had the situation under control. Mind you, there were a lot of bird corpses scattered about. Nothing worthy of a photograph though. 

And as is often the case when out making work, I come across myself and endeavoured to make a selfie. At this site I made two. One in a warped window and one in the spooky mirror at the top of the stairs. 

Passerby 9 will appear early in June. Maybe in time for my birthday on the 9th. I will shortly thereafter make a selection of images to make available as framed or unframed prints from A4 to A2. These giclée Epson Semi Gloss prints will be produced at theprintspace and will be available globally. 

Theprintspace have facilities in Germany so EU collectors will not have to pay Brexit customs fees. 

Right now there are 7 images from Passerby 8 available until Wednesday 31st May, along with the book, so you'll need to act fast if you'd like one for your collection. 

As you will also have noticed, this blog post is coming to you via my new Shopify account. I pay a fee for this facility so will utilise every aspect of it. This will make fully self contained which is the best way to operate for me. 

Please share this blog with family, friends and colleagues who may be interested in my photographic shenanigans or have space on their walls and bookshelves. 

I thank you. 

Before I go I'll post two more pictures. One of very colourful non windows and another abandoned building with an intriguing sign.


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Thank you so much Louisa.

Paul Treacy

Wow, these are amazing, I love your ‚Äėphotographic shenanigans‚Äô. You have such a way with natural light, and an eye for detail on buildings, cars, trees, landscape and the environment around us. I love the light rays and contrasting deep colours and also the paper that makes up your book. It‚Äôs velvety. Louisa x


Thank you kindly, Sean.

Paul Treacy

Great shots. I particularly enjoy the warmth of the pictures at the abandoned house.


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