I know about loners. I am one.
man in corner of luxury first floor flat in Soho London after dark
This is one of my favourite subjects. People being by themselves. Being private. Enjoying their own company. Or not, possibly. Maybe they're lonely. Or maybe they're just taking time out from the group. As I like to do. As I am doing when making this work. 
silhouette of smartly attired man wearing hat about to cross road on a railway bridge in Sydenham south east London after dark
contemplative young man seated on a wall after dark in Ferrara Italy
woman walking her two dogs along a canal at night in Venice Italy
silhouette of man walking up pedestrian pathway to the Barbican in Central London
silhouette of man under an elegant hat in colourful nocturnal tunnel in Soho Central London
woman battling through winter conditions on a street in Croydon south London alongside a winter scene mural
spooky figure with hint of menace on a pedestrian bridge over railway tracks in Forest Hill south London late at night
figure of man on a dark path in Sydenham woods late at night
strange man walking by three fires in a Central London park one night
silhouette of figure passing over Sydenham railway bridge on a wet winter night
silhouette of man checking his phone on a street corner late at night in Sydenham southeast London
Figure of woman entering graffiti strewn multi-story car park in Brighton at dusk
silhouette of figure on scooter leaning into a turn through a tunnel under railway bridge in Surrey Quays in south London
silhouette of figure stooped against the cold passing through snowy Sydenham Wells Park in southeast London
lone paddle boarder at Duncannon County Wexford in Ireland
stooped figure on rocks on the Galway coast in Ireland on a beautiful sunny day
lone drinker on small wall on beach along Brighton water front
old man reading book while waiting for night bus in London
young man in red cap holding multiple skateboards descends escalator into the London underground system
man walking up hill in Hastings with union flag emblazoned shopping bag
silhouette of man with long windblown hair on luxury roof terrace overlooking London skyline
woman with plastic bag of house plants walking through industrial estate in London