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Paul Treacy

Passerby 9

Passerby 9

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Passerby is a series of handmade photobooks of work made since the previous issue. Number 9 features work made in London, New Ross (Ireland) and Tunis.

These books have evolved over the last 18 months or so with innovations in each issue. This issue is the most accomplished with construction techniques now fully worked out. No glue was used in the making of this or any previous Passerby book.

*Some Brexit related customs charges may apply on delivery in the EU*

"Oh lawdy lawdy lawdy, you have put a huge smile on my face this morning! You know why! THANK YOU, the book is gorgeous."

"I am loving the photo books, which I pick up and look through with a cup of tea frequently. Of course the more you look, the more you see."

'I’m excited about having a growing set of these."

"I love the way you see things. It’s always interesting, and each package is a treat when it comes."

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