photograph made in Sydenham southeast london of a vapour trail down the high street
Whenever I'm out making work I almost always make a skyscape. It can be very interesting up there. 
I was on my way to a property assignment when I saw the contrail perfectly aligned to my local high street. I made one picture and knew I had something I really liked.
⬆️ When I saw the aircraft contrails overlapping while out for a walk one evening some years back, I knew I had to scale the fence around the demolition site such that I could align them with the street lamp giving the impression of a Van_Der_Graaf generator. ⬇️
contrails appearing to emerge from a street lamp like a Van Der Graaf generator in Sydenham southeast London
contrail and reflected neon strip lighting at San Francisco International Airport USA
The above image was made upon entry to San Fransisco International Airport as my family and I were about to board a flight back to London. Again, just one frame. A quick reaction yielding a picture I really like. ⬆️commercial jet negotiating a lattice works as seen from the Walkie Talkie building on Fenchurch Street in Central London
bird shaped kite stuck in a tree in Sydenham Wells Park in southeast London
silhouetted street scene with steam from a domestic boiler against a brilliant deep blue sky at dusk in Crystal Palace in south London
shadow beams from backlit skyscraper in Vauxhall south London
stormy Shard skyscraper at London Bridge as seen from the Walkie Talkie building in Central London
Tower Bridge in silhouette at dusk across the Thames in London
Elizabeth Tower at the Palace of Westminster Houses of Parliament in silhouette at dusk with birds in foreground in Central London
backlit Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at dusk