After Nightfall

After Nightfall is the title for my first solo exhibition in German which will open in Bremen in December. 

After nightfall is my favourite time to make photographs. I love that time. The light. The dark. The creatures. The shadows. The sounds. The erriness. The quiet. The atmosphere of all of these together. I love the heightened sense of awareness. Of being utterly in the moment. Of having the streets to myself. 

I need to get out more during these hours and grow my collection. 

Here's one I made last evening, Sunday 16th June 2024.

© Paul Treacy 2024

I liked that old Saab. That it was yellow. That its wheel was turned in. That the wheel clamp was also yellow but is deep in shadow here. I liked the star shape in the window. And the leaves shadowed on the car. Wasn't sure it was worth a picture until I heard a car approach and figured its brake lights might illuminate. And sure enough they did. One frame. Handheld. 55-200mm lens. 

It is any good? Not sure. But I like it. And that's all that matters ultimately. 

Thanks for your time. 

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