Daytime Ghost

My son Eoin and I have been working on a book together. He is a writer currently in his final year studying English and Creative Writing at Brunel University here in London. Solivagants is a collection of stories based on photographs from my archives. Book should appear at some stage in 2024.

Here is an excerpt. 

Thank you for your time. 


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Hello you two. How lovely to see comments here. Thank you. Yes – both story and narration by Eoin. I made that photograph in 2006. Eoin was only 4 then. I could put the two of them under my arms and run around with them back then. Now they’re both bigger men than me.

Still hoping Connor will compose some music for me to use as intro to my videos. Suggested this to him a while ago. Hoping he’ll come round to the idea eventually. I’ll pay him. Just as Eoin and I will split earnings from our book.
Love to all.

- Paul.

Paul Treacy

I like it too and look forward to reading the book next year!! Very suitable voice too! Both of you must be pleased.


I really liked it. Presume it is Eoin speaking.

Angela Treacy

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