On the move

Just back from trip to Ireland via Wales to spend some time with family before travelling on to Brittany. Four adults and large dog in a little Mini Cooper Clubman. Twas snug. Big topbox helped. 

Made a mess of the itinerary due to complexities relating to our Animal Health Certificate. Bit of a moving target as various Brexit rules are phased in. Managed to get her an EU pet passport with the required stamps in Cork and rescheduled to travel from Rosslare days later instead.

None of this was picked up on leaving the UK. 

Because it was a family trip I was not in full photo mode. I tend to make typical holiday snaps on my iPhone and my usual Passerby type photos on my Fujis. 

I did make a few though, often handing off the dog to someone else for a while. 

moody image of sunlight in an event space

This moody space was on the site of our bed and breakfast stopover in Wales. I was struck by the light and atmosphere of the place. Hopperesque perhaps.

white pony on river bank in Inistioge County Kilkenny Ireland

Saw this lovely pony on a riverbank in the lovely village of Inistioge in County Kilkenny. I had been a lifeguard here in the late 80's while an art student. I used my pay to get my first proper camera system. 

vintage car from 1914 on bridge into Inistioge County Kilkenny IrelandGot held up by this ancient car from 1914 while crossing into Inistioge where there was some kind of vintage rally happening. Beautiful machine though it produced awful noxious fumes, hence keeping my distance. 

Passenger climbing stairs on outside deck of Brittany Ferries vessel.I enjoy roaming around on ferries watching people figuring out how to pass the time. The nooks and crannies on the outside decks are like small town lane ways and back alleys. A strange atmosphere. 

While visiting some towns near our g√ģte I saw this pigeon on a wheel chair and made a quick picture one handed while hanging onto the dog. This is where back button focus comes in handy.¬†

wild gateway covered in foliageTwas my wife that saw this first while on one of our many coastal walks. I love this kind of picture. A sort of portal to another time and place. 

silhouette of person on zip wire speeding past the midday sunSilhouette of brave person on a zip wire speeding past the midday sun.

Paraglider along the Brittany coast

This paraglider suddenly swooped up over the cornfield as we meandered the coastline. 

rowing in green sludge in the moat of a Brittany castle.I enjoyed the fact that people can explore castle moats in Brittany by rowing boat. The green algae made for a good picture, I thought. 

Finally, my favourite photograph from the trip was of a destroyed caravan on the edge of a camp site which I played with for a few minutes. You can see more on my Instagram. 

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