Passerby Series Design Tweaks

detail product photo of Passerby 10

I have made substantial improvements to these little books. 

I'd been tinkering for some time to try and resolve some of the frustrations I had with the overall handling and durability. This solution involves no glue and very little archival tape. The cover images are wrapped around a sheet of card on both sides. The inside cover image overlaps to create a pocket on the back where I now store the caption sheet. 

I hope this satisfies my customers as much as it does me. It makes the book, as an art object, feel much better in the hand. 

I will use this method most likely for the remainder of this series. 

product photo for Passerby 10 with captions sheet

After much faffing about with my newsletter here on Shopify and on Substack, I have decided instead to blog directly into my own website. It makes much more sense from an SEO point of view. But also aesthetically. 

I have no intention to drive revenue from a newsletter as I could do without the pressure, quite frankly. Rather I'd prefer to blog as and when I have something to show and say. 

I do intend to put a tutorial together and perhaps use a tip jar to compensate for some of the time, effort and knowledge involved. Better still would be for those who benefit from such a tutorial / demo to buy a book or print if desired and affordable.

Or I might simply deliver a tutorial via a series of short reels on instagram and hopefully grow my audience. 

I still encourage people to signup to my email for early announcements on print and book drops. And occasional offers, of course. 

I just posted an Instagram reel looking back at Two Years of Passerby Books which you might enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Back soon. 

- Paul.

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